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Why you should know everything about it?

Property owners and facility managers have numerous responsibilities. However, an important responsibility is to respond to emergencies such as gas leak. Gas leak can be an immediate threat to the life of the occupants and the property and so, it requires an immediate response from the person who is incharge of the building. Our experts have accumulated the following information to help you detect gas leak and what you should do if you are faced with the possibility of it.

Do you suspect a gas leakage in your home?

If you smell rotten eggs or sulfur, then you need to stop what you are doing immediately and get out of your home.

No matter what happens, DO NOT:

  • Flip any electrical switches
  • Unplug anything
  • Use a telephone

Inhaling high quantities of natural gas can lead to asphyxia. We advise that you get out of the house so that you don’t deprive your body of oxygen. According to the CDC, more than 500 people in the country die of unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

What should you do if you’re unable to smell the leaking gas?

A stuffy or congested nose, or a condition called Anosmia (loss of the sense of smell) can prevent you from smelling the gas which could be leaking in your property. If you have a gas stove in your property, there are about 5-15 parts per million of natural gas in the air. If these levels go to the 30 parts per million, you might be in danger. The best way to detect the gas leakage in your home if you have the above-mentioned conditions is to opt for a gas detector.

Do you smell gas leak?

If you smell gas leak, it could be that the pilot light of your gas stove or water heater might have gone out or the burner valve might have been left a bit open. To solve the problem, close the burner valve and open all the windows and doors of the home. If you still smell the gas, make sure you contact experts immediately. If you’re calling them, remember to use your phone only after stepping away from the area.

Before they arrive, take the following steps:

  • Put out all open flames.
  • Keep every one way from where the odor is coming from.
  • Do not flip any electrical switch.
  • Do not light any candles, matches or smoke.
  • Do not use any doorbells.
  • Do not use any phones inside.
  • Do not adjust any appliance controls or thermostats.

With numerous gas suppliers and various plumbing contractors, it is necessary that you know how to manage in case of a gas leak. At JPI Plumbing, we make sure that all residential plumbing problems are solved and you don’t face dangerous situations such as gas leaks. Call our experts today!




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