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How do you detect a gas leak?

Detecting gas leaks can help you prevent a calamity. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous to human life as well as property. The sooner you are able to detect the gas leak, the faster you’ll be able to take appropriate action. It is extremely important that you know all the signs of gas leaks and are able to detect them early.

The signs of gas leaks come in a variety of forms. A few signs might be difficult to know, but some others are quite obvious.

Warning signs to detect a gas leak

Smell: Natural gas is an odorless gas. To enable easy detection, a substance known as Mercaptan is added to it. Mercaptan is a foul smelling substance that has traces of Sulphur. It has a rotten eggs smell that can be quickly detected when there’s leakage.

Listen: Another sign that indicates gas leak is the sound. If there is a hissing sound near the pipes, then you have a gas leak in your home. The sound is caused because gas is being pressurized. When it escapes the pipe in a pressurized state, it makes a hissing sound.

Sight While gas cannot be seen, its physical effects are always there. If there is a gas leakage in the underground pipe, methane will make any vegetation above it whither. This happens because gas is lighter than air and rises. Similarly, if there are bubbles in waterlogged places or dust and dirt are flying around in the area, then you might have leakage in the underground pipes.

If you smell any odor of rotten eggs or hear any noise around your gas meter, get out of the immediate area right away and call JPI Plumbing & Heating Inc at 718-727-9100

Call the experts today!

You need to be vigilant about these signs as they indicate gas leaks. If you find any of the above-mentioned signs on your property, call our gas leak experts immediately. Our team is well trained and has extensive knowledge on how to repair gas leaks in your residential as well as commercial properties.


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