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What to do in case of a gas leak

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. They can lead to loss of human life and property. If you suspect a gas leak on your property, the first thing you should do is evacuate and call the experts. If there are any occupants present in the building, you need to alert them too.

At JPI Plumbing & Heating Inc, we solve gas leaks by locating, repairing and restoring the gas service.

What you should do if you have a gas leak?

Evacuate & call the experts: If you have a gas leak on your property, the first thing you should do is step away from the area, alert the other occupants, and then call us. Our expert technicians know how to manage gas leaks carefully. Do not try and fix the leak yourself. This can do more harm than good.

Don’t try to locate the source: One of the most common mistakes that people make is trying to find the location of the leak themselves. Looking for the leak by yourself puts you and other occupants of the property in danger. An accidental spark can cause an explosion.

Don’t use any electrical or electronic devices: If you smell a gas leak, do not switch on or off any electrical or electronic device. Even a minuscule spark generated by any appliance can trigger an explosion. Make sure that you do not use your cell phone near the gas leak. Stay away from the area of the leak and use your phone only when you are at a safe distance.

Open all doors and windows

If there is a gas leak inside, you should open all doors and windows to promote cross ventilation. The ventilation will allow the gas to escape and be replaced by fresh air. This is not a solution to the problem of a gas leak itself. It only lessens the chances of accumulation of the leaked gas.

Do not start any vehicles

If you have a gas leak in the garage or outside your home, you should not start any vehicle. A spark in the engine of the car can ignite the car. While there is less chance of this happening, it is important to take precautions.

If you smell any rotten eggs odor or hear any noise around your gas meter, then get away and call JPI Plumbing & Heating Inc at 718-727-9100


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